Best Financial Trading Strategies

We’ve tested a large variety of financial trading systems and services over the last ten years. These are the best.


This is a great trading strategy and one I've been using for the last six years. It requires only ten minutes a month to operate and produces returns of up to 30% per year. If you're looking for capital growth and/or a regular income, this is worthy of serious consideration. The strategy is taught as either a one day workshop or a home study course (or both), and the one-off fee will give you the skills to make an income for the rest of your life, regardless of market conditions.

A - B

This is a very simple to use mechanical trading system that takes about five to ten minutes a day to operate at 8am, so perfect for people that aren’t available to trade during the day. A simple check at 8am (GMT) tells you immediately if there is a qualifying trade and it’s then a matter of placing an order to open at your preferred broker and leaving it to run. If you are able, you can check again at 11am and, if the trade is still active you can move your stop either closer in to reduce liability on a loss, or to lock in profit if the trade is in positive territory.

It’s made a good profit every year and is a good system for those with limited time.

Follow The Money

Guy Cohen is an extremely successful financial trader, having made millions trading stocks and options, and he’s also a best selling worldwide author of trading books. His research tools are among the most sought after in the world and his clients include the world’s biggest stock exchange as well as the Financial Times.

Guy developed a proprietry software called the OVI, or Options Volatility Indicator, which combined with straightforward, easy to read chart patterns provides an extremely reliable, high strike rate trading model for the stock market.

One of his clients has made over £300,000 trading this in about ten minutes a day. Highly recommended.

Gold & Silver For Life

Created by Minesh Bhindi, this course teaches you how to buy gold/silver at below market value, and how to essentially ‘rent’ that stock for a monthly income in the region of about 25% per year. It takes up to fifteen minutes a week to manage, although most of the time a lot less than that.

The point is to buy and hold onto the assets while making a monthly return on them and only sell them if the price goes above what you paid for them. And if you sell them for a profit, you buy again at below market value and repeat the process. So the idea is that you are storing your money in a tangible asset that will never be worthless, giving you the peace of mind that your money is ‘safe as houses’ while also generating an income for you. It’s worth checking out the free webinar too.

The Whale

This is possibly one of the best financial day trading methods I’ve found to date.

Taught by expert traders Mark Austin and Cameron Malik, The Whale is a comprehensive strategy that covers all nine individual trades that Mark and Cameron use to make a full time living trading the main indices. The trades cover all market conditions and produce around 2-3 high probability trades a week with no chart watching required and a phenomenal 70% win rate with extremely tight stops. If you’ve struggled to make a consistent return from the markets then this will turn you into one of the 5% that actually make a regular, substantial profit.

Once you’ve learned the techniques there are no further subscriptions required as you will be able to trade successfully for yourself for the rest of your life.