If you’ve been following our reviews for any length of time you’ll know we’ve tested literally hundreds of betting services over the years and seen pretty much every kind of betting strategy going.

One thing I get asked a lot is “what is the best system/service?” and the problem with that is that it depends entirely on what the person asking this is looking for. Are they actually interested in the sport or do they just want something that could make a profit. Are they prepared to put in time and effort themselves or do they want everything done for them. Do they want lots of bets every day to keep them interested or just a few? Are they more interested in high odds winners with the inevitable long losing streaks or do they prefer a high strike rate with the low odds winners that entails?

And of course you have to be careful with the marketing we see with a few services. Some may indeed produce “an average of 10 points a month” but when you sign up you realise it’s because they’re betting  5-10 points per bet on 20+ bets and you need a 1000+ point bank just to get started, or that 8 out of the 12 months are losers!

However, there’s one service that I really like a lot that makes no spectacular claims. In fact, since launching in October 2021 these are the results:

Year 1 October 21 – August 22

To 1 point stake: 11.74 points
To advised stakes: 10 points

Year 2 October 22 to date May 23:

To 1 point stake: 3.37 points 
To advised stakes: 6.02 points

Advised stakes are usually 1 point win with occasional 0.5 win/1 place, or 1 win/1.5 place.

As you can see these sort of results don’t necessarily give you a rush of blood enticing you to sign up immediately and start getting rich. In fact, you could be forgiven for thinking this all seems a bit drab.

But you’d be missing something really quite special here if you didn’t take a second look.

This service is simply a delight to be a member of and for the first time in years it’s not just about making a profit from it (which we do) but actually enjoying the racing too.

There are very few bets; only 24 so far this year (since October) so when we get the green light it’s worth sitting down to watch!

And of course with this kind of service you will want to bet “larger” than you may be used to, but the recommended betting bank is only 20 points and that’s never been even slightly dented with around half of the bets winning and at average odds of between 13/8 and 7/4.

The write ups on each bet are superb, in fact the write ups on the bets we DON’T take are superb too, including the reasons why we’re not backing the horse that everyone else thinks is a dead cert (there’s potentially a service there in itself for the lay bettors amongst you).

There’s also a members chat room where we can all celebrate the winners and mull over the losers but throughout there is a real sense of professionalism and humility from Mel, the seasoned tipster who genuinely takes pride in providing what I would describe as possibly the best advice I’ve seen in this industry. He make not make you rich but he can certainly enrich your betting.

There’s a First Class Racing Live Q&A tomorrow at 7pm on Wednesday 31st May.

On it you can find out exactly how he does it.

They’ll cover…

  • Mel’s betting history, including the decades he spent losing money.
  • The specifics of his First Class Racing strategy, including running through a real selection, so you can really understand what separates Mel from other tipsters.
  • His approach to the Cheltenham Festival, which is coming up next month (spoiler alert, Mel’s 2022 Cheltenham results were stellar – more on that in future emails).
  • And then they’ll open up the floor to let you ask Mel any and every question you have about his approach or the First Class Racing service.
  • After that, Mel will share a tip for the upcoming Epsom Derby on 3rd June – usually just for paying members, but yours free on the night!
  • Plus, they’ll also give you the chance to join Mel and his happy members in the First Class Racing community.

Don’t miss this one if you want to make money while the rest of the world seems to be losing it! If you can’t make it tomorrow then they will be recording it and I’ll let you know where that’s posted when it’s ready.

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