The First Favourite system is a horse racing backing method that I will be testing and reviewing over the next three months.

The author of this system goes by the name of Mel Gee and each day an email arrives with the selection(s) in plenty of time before the days racing and certainly well before the selection(s) are likely to run. There is also a website with membership access as an alternative means to obtain selections that is useful if email is not viable for any reason.

How the selections are arrived at is not stated, in any case, this I would not be able to divulge. This effectively means First Favourite is a membership subscription tipping service based upon favourites.

Staking advocated by the vendor is to start with a £1000 bank and stake 10%, £100 per selection then at the end of each month or when advised, you take any profits and begin the next month with a £1000 bank again. Obviously, if there is a negative amount e.g. the bank is under £1000 at the end of a month, then you would need to top it up to £1000 to begin the next month.

The results displayed on their site so far are encouraging with only one month showing a small loss but this is far outweighed by the profitable months.

I began this review on the 26th June 2013 and will report on-going results in due course but at this early juncture I wish to make my first report based upon 2-3 weeks worth of data.

So look out for updates on the First Favourites system soon.