I began trialling this system on the 26th June 2013 and there were 6 selections to take us to the end of the month (no bets on Sundays) of which 2 were winning bets.

However, July has offered up a far more interesting start for this trial.

25 bets in total with one non runner making a total of 26 selections.

12 winners and at level stakes of £100 this produced an end of July profit of £187.50

The recommendation is to level stake £100 with a starting bank for each month of £1000, so for August we would begin with a bank of £1000 after taking off our profit of £187.50 for July as advised by Mel the system author. I look forward to August in view of historical results. July certainly is nothing to get excited about, though a profit is a profit no matter how big or small and provides grounds for optimism at least.