This report covers a two week period from 14th October thro to the 27th October.During this period there were 2 days where Steve had no selections but these were notified ahead of the days meetings.

So without further ado let’s look at how the tips panned out:

Week Six-14th Oct-20th Oct 

In the course of this week I received 12 selections and had no selections on the Saturday or Sunday. From the 12 selections Steve managed to get 3 winners-1 of them at Huntingdon was a very respectable 12.12 on Betfair, for a S/R of 25% for the week and a gain of £14.53

The place bets resulted in 5 of the 12 selections making the frame for a S/R of 41.67%  but produced a loss of £9.64 on the week.

Opening bank £355.63

Closing bank   £360.52 a combined gain of £4.89


Week Seven-21st Oct-26th Oct 

There was an increase in  the amount of tips received this week some  22 selections.However the increase did not produce more winners as once again we had 3 but no standout long prices winners for a S/R of 13.64% and a loss on the week of £10.78.

Although we managed to have 9 horses make the frame from the 22 selections for a S/R of 40.91% this was not enough to produce a profit and there was a loss of £20.86 on the week.

Opening bank £360.52

Closing bank   £328.88 a combined loss of £31.64


As November is almost upon us the NH season is getting into top gear and perhaps the worst of the changeover is now behind us and results will improve over the next few weeks.The bank is less than 1% down on our starting position back on 10th Sep,so hardly a disaster at this stage.