This update covers the period of 28th October through to 17Th November.Within this 3 week period there were only 2 days when Steve did not provide any selections but I was notified via the daily e mail that this would be the case.

Turning to the period the results went as detailed below:

Week Eight -28th Oct-3rd Nov.

During this week I received on Monday the 28th a No Selections e mail but through the following 6 days I had 22 selections ,from which there were 2 non runner so ending up with 20 selections.From these I had 3 winners but had a loss of £11.95 on the week – a loss of some 28%.

The place elements of the bet(remember £2 for the win and £8 for the place on each selection)produced 10 from 22  horses making the frame and a gain on this element of the bet of £28.08.

Opening Bank £328.88

Closing Bank   £345.01 a combined gain of £16.13

Week Nine 4th Nov-10th Nov.

There was 1 day with no selections and for the other 6 days I had 11 horses.There were 3 winners again this week and they produced an profit on the week of £12.12.Since I have started receiving the selections on 10 Sep the strike rate for winners has been 15.56% and so far the longest losing sequences been  12 but for the £2 stakes a profit of £43 has been made since the start.

The place elements again went reasonably well with 6 of the 11 selections making the frame for a gain of £16.02.The overall strike rate for placed horses has been 43.70% and overall since the start a gain of just £0.15.

Opening Bank £345.01

Closing Bank   £373.15 a combined gain of £28.14

Week Ten 11th Nov-17th Nov.

During this week I had 14 selections and again had 3 winners for a profit of £10.36.The strike rate has risen slightly to 16.11% and the overall gain since 10 Sep on this element has been £53.36.

Place selections produced 8 horses making the frame and a gain this week of £21.09.The overall gain on place betting since 10Sep has been £21.24.This is lower than the win elements primarily because successful place betting usually requires a s/r of at least 60% to make a sensible return and currently this has only risen to 44.97%.

Opening Bank £373.15

Closing Bank   £404.60 a combined gain of £31.45.

Since the NH season has started to hit top gear the selections and returns have picked up,although until the place elements of the selections do better the returns are being held down.