This is the first report on a horse racing tipping service from “First Place Winners”.The service is provided by a chap named Steve Marsh and for £9.99 per month(33 pence a day) he sends out an email every morning with his tips for the days racing to come or he will advise that he has no selections.

The selections cover all 3 codes of racing,namely Flat- Turf &AW and N.H.and encompass Irish meetings as well as those in the UK.

The tips are for backing a horse to win and the bet is to be placed on Betfair –or indeed Betdaq –observing the following rules:

  • Place 20% of your stake on the horse to win
  • Place 80% of your stake on the horse to place
  • If there are non-runners and a meet drops to less than 8 runners, do not bet
  • Only use 3% of your bankroll as a total liability on each stake.

I have chosen to interpret this last rule as a maximum of 3% on a paper trading bank of £330 and will use £2 for a win bet and £8 for the place bets- a total of £10 per selection .Steve started sending me the tips on 10th September but due to the “new” Gmail service filters I only discovered them in my junk file on 1 October. I contacted Steve to advise him of this “cock up” and he promptly responded with a backup list of selections from 10th September.

So starting from the 10th September the intervening weeks have gone like this;

Week One- 10th Sep -14th Sep .-During this period I was sent 12 selections (1 became a non runner) I had 1 winner –Strike rate 9.09% for a loss of £11.28.

The place bets I had 4 horses making the frame for a Strike rate of 36.36% and a loss of £21.42 so an overall loss for the first 5 days of £32.70.

Opening bank £330.00

Closing bank   £297.30 a combined loss of £32.70

Week Two-15th Sep-22nd Sep.-In the course of this week I received 24 selections (1 became a non runner) and I had 3 winners from the 23 selections one of which was a whopping 34.81/1 on Betfair and another at 16.5/1 so a S/R of 13.04% and a profit of £57.09.

The place bets resulted in 11 of the 23 selections making the frame for a S/R of 47.83% and a profit of £45.81.

Opening bank £297.30

Closing bank   £407.19 a combined gain of £109.89

Week Three-23rd Sep-29th Sep.The number of selections dropped this week to 14 and again 1 became a non runner so that from the 13 selections I had 3 winners (1 at 10.11/1)S/R 23.08% and a profit of £16.25.

The 13 place bets I got 4 making the frame and this produced a S/R of 30.77% for a loss of £34.99

Opening bank £407.19

Closing bank   £388.45 a combined loss of £18.74

Week Four- 30th Sep-6th Oct During this week I received 13 selections and recorded 2 wins the best of which was 8.01/1for a S/R of 15,38% and a small loss on the week of “2.98.

From the 13 place selections 6 hit the frame resulting in a S/R of 46.15% for a small loss of £5.69

Opening bank £388.45

Closing bank   £379.78 a combined loss of £8.67

Week Five- 7th Sep-13th Oct As the change over from Flat to NH accelerates there is a natural drop in selections  (which I assume will continue until the NH/AW seasons are well established) I had 10 selections but did not get any winners this week,resulting in a loss of £20.

4 of the 10 selections did make the frame S/R 40% for a small loss of £4.15

Opening bank £379.78

Closing bank   £355.63 a combined loss of £24.15

So at the end of this rather long first report I have a paper profit of £25.63 a gain of 7.16% over the 5 weeks -a period that is traditionally a challenging time for finding winners.To date the winning selections have returned a gain of £39.08 but the place bets  return a loss of £13.45.

Future reports will be at weekly intervals for the remainder of the 3 month resting period.