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I’m going to get straight in with a system I’ve been testing since the beginning of this month, The Lay Whisperer.

As it’s name suggests it’s a horse racing laying system (betting on a horse to lose) and so far I’m fairly pleased. I’ve tested quite a few laying systems in the past and they all have the same problem… high priced selections, too many per day, and big losses on the losing bets.

The Lay Whisperer is very simple to use and takes me about 10 minutes in the morning to identify the selections. There is usually only one, or sometimes two bets in a day and some days no bet at all… this is good as it shows the system is selective. The staking plan suggests you should aim for 8% profit target per bet, therefore if you have a £100 betting bank you would be aiming to win £8 per bet initially. Every £50 that your bank increases you are told to re-calculate the 8% again, so with a £100 bank, once it gets to £150 you start aiming to win £12 a bet… pretty straightforward.

The only problem I can see with this is if you have a couple of losing bets right at the beginning at odds of, say 7.0. So to win £8 at 7.0 your actual stake is £48 and if two of those lose in a row, you have effectively lost your betting bank right from the start.

This is why laying horses is a lot trickier than it first may seem.

The Lay Whisperer doesn’t always have big priced selections though. As you can see from the results so far (below) there are some nice short priced, and even odds-on, selections so I think overall it’s pretty good.

Only testing will show if this is an effective system… I started with £100 betting bank and as you can see, this months profit now stands at a whopping £26. To be fair though, if this works out to be an effective system then I would use a £1000 betting bank so the profit would be £260 which is fair enough.

These are the results so far this month and there is no bet today. I’ll contnue to test this until the end of February so we can get a good idea of the kind of bets it gives us.

Date    Horse              Time            W/L     Profit
01-Jan  Algenon          12.40 Exe        £8      £8
           Positive Profile  2.10 South      £8      £16
02-Feb  Freteval          2.30 Folk         £8      £24
           Nayodabayo      1.20 Sout       £8      £32
04-Jan  Dunsfold Duke  2.00 Ling       -£44    -£12
            Back On Line    2.30 Ling       £8      -£4
05-Jan  Annies Answer  1.00 Newc       £8      £4
07-Jan  Phar Bleu         1.10 Plum       -£3     £1
08-Jan  Spidam            1.50 Taun       £8      £9
11-Jan  Classic Fiddle    1.00 Here       -£7     £2
12-Jan  Cethedral Rock  1.50 Hunt       £8      £10
15-Jan  Great Man        5.10 Wolv       £8      £18
17-Jan  Limited Edition  3.10 Newb       £8      £26