Final Review

Well, sorry for the delay in doing the final review. I have been completely snowed under with my business since the trial ended.

The sales page made huge boasts of amazing profits, including a past success result statement spanning 5 years. Unfortunately, thats where the systems success ended.

We started the trial with a degree of excitement. The first day produced one selection, and that was a winner. From then on, it all went pear shaped, so much so, that if you made the system a lay instead of backing product, we would have been up £1,000 at £100 level stakes, which is a 50% increase on the £2,000 bank.

In all seriousness though, we will put this system on the scrap heap. Selections are few and far between, and patience needed to wait for a winner would challenge the very best of us.

Not much else to say on this one though. Thanks for following the trial.



If you want to use the Five Year Plan as a laying system (!!!) you can get it here: