I am delighted to be reviewing Fixed Odds Services, which provides binary trading signals for Binary.com (previously called ‘Bet on Markets’).

Trades are provided on Mondays between 08:00 and 10:00 and on Fridays between 18:00 and 20:00, and there is usually one trade per session. It is literally a two minute job to place the signals so this is a very low maintenance way for someone to play the markets.

The trades are supplied by email which contains, the Trade, the pair to trade and the level to set. The return that was offered at the time of placing is also shown. Higher return trades (50%+) are sent on Monday (lasting 4 days -close on the Friday) while those on a Friday evening are usually 30% and run for seven days (closing the following week). 

The service is available on a 14 day trial service for just £1, after which it is charged at £87 per quarter.

The recommendation is to risk no more than 5% of bank on each trade, so this is the basis on which I will commence trading and report on with a starting bank of £1000.

You can try Fixed Odds Services for £1 here: