A good number of years ago I introduced my readers to a very, very special investment opportunity based in Glasgow, Scotland.

This is a property development company that uses client funds to bankroll part of their business and in return offers very tasty interest rates, up to 12% per annum.

The owner, Ken Sunter, has been doing this for 18 years now and it’s been hugely successful.

The beauty of this particular model, as opposed to similar property investment opportunities out there, is that client funds are never dependent on the success of one particular development, rather they are pooled across the companies entire portfolio of developments. What this means in practice is that if there are ever any issues with any particular development, it doesn’t affect our investment and therefore we know we are going to get paid on time, as expected.

In other opportunities online, if a particular property development runs into issues, clients have been known to have severely delayed returns, sometimes without even getting the interest promised.

By contrast Ken has never missed a payment, in nearly two decades!

I’ve been invested in this for six or seven years now and I can attest to this track record. I’ve always been paid on time, every time and will continue to invest in this for as long as Ken is happy to run it.

You may be interested in an interview I did with Ken back in 2017. Forgive the shaky camera in some scenes… those old phones didn’t have the automatic image stabilisation software back then!

Panacea Homes Fixed Return Opportunity

Just over four years ago Ken stopped taking on any new clients, preferring to work with a small client list to be able to provide one to one service, including a weekly newsletter detailing the progress of each development for those interested. He also does (or did before Covid) annual meet ups for those that fancied a trip to Glasgow to see the developments in person.

This opportunity is one that my friends and family are all involved with too, as many of those are not interested in gambling, financials or crypto, but fully understand making a decent return in the property development niche, and a good many CashMaster readers got involved as well, before the doors were closed.

I’ve always badgered Ken to let me know if he ever decides to take in new clients again and last week he contacted me to say he’s happy to take on a few more if any of my readers would be interested.

I’ve asked him to do a short write up of what he’s offering below:

I have been running Fixed Return style property projects for my own private list of clients for over 18 years now, and have also worked with Graham for many years, delivering successful contracts for both him and his clients. The fixed return opportunities form only a small part of our overall business and are deliberately run on a private small client list basis to ensure all contracts are delivered on time and also that client communication is maintained to the highest standard, which is very important to me. It is also important to keep the client numbers low to ensure we are also able to deliver our own much larger private workload through the construction and home builder brand of the business. I am very proud to say that every contract over the past 18 years, which amount to several hundred, has been delivered on time every time without fail or excuse.

I have agreed with Graham to set up a new fixed return project exclusively for his clients, even though we stopped taking in new clients in November 2018. Graham has a great understanding of our model and track record, and we have worked with many of his clients in the past and so I was more than happy to launch a new venture for him.

The new fixed return project has a wide choice of contract options and terms for clients to choose from and will also allow the client to enjoy a regular monthly interest return on their capital placed, which is a popular choice with our own long-standing clients. There will be limited places available on this opportunity, but I do hope there will be enough spaces to accommodate all those who are interested on this exclusive Cashmaster venture.

This new project, unique to Cashmaster clients, will again be run through the multi award winning Construction and Home Builder side of our business – Panacea Homes. You can take a look at some of our past and current developments at the website below.


Fixed Return Property Development Fund
Earn up to 12% Fixed Return Per Annum On Your Capital

Highlights include:

  • Earn up 12% on your capital, per annum 
  • Capital entry level from £10,000 upwards 
  • Contract terms available from as little as 14 weeks up to 12 months.
  • Established developers with over 25 years’ provable track record and 
  • experience 
  • 100% client satisfaction and success rate for over 18 years 
  • Suitable for both experienced investors and savers looking for a better rate of return on their capital 
  • A personal and ethical approach based on excellent client communications 
  • Returns on capital can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually 
  • Formal loan agreement put in place
  • Loyal and established client base happy to provide personal testimonials for new clients 
  • Client capital starts to earn interest from two working days after arrival with us 
  • New Clients, who successfully secure a place, will have the opportunity to join future projects
  • Personal contact details provided for your own account manager
  • Weekly e-mailed client updates provided every weekend.

For more information contact:

Ken Sunter


M: 07748763236
E: [email protected]

PANACEA property
1 Royal Crescent
G3 7SL

If you’re interested just contact Ken, either by email or give him a call and he’ll be happy to speak with you. If you have cash in the bank that’s devaluing through inflation, you might want to consider putting it to work with Ken!