Week 5 (to 16 Apr)

I am taking a two week holiday over Easter, so I am not looking for new entries just now.

This period:

  • 2 new stocks opened, i.e. 4 new trades
  • 3 trades closed
  • 0 stocks on the watch list
  • 0 stocks with pending orders

Trades opened and/or closed this period:

Opened Stock Closed Profit
01-Apr LVS 11-Apr -£        255.00
04-Apr ORCL Open  
04-Apr ORCL Open  
05-Apr AMZN Open  
08-Apr WLT 11-Apr -£    2,605.00
08-Apr WLT 11-Apr -£    2,605.00


Profit for the period is -£5, 465.Another bad trade, this time on WLT.

Overall profit now stands at -£ 4,634.