I have a freebie for you today from a very well respected trader, Guy Cohen.

Guy is famous for his excellent Flag Trader system that has made it’s users literally millions of dollars since it was launched. We reviewed and approved this two years ago and I still get e-mails today from people who love it.

I’ll let Guy explain what this freebie is all about…

Dear Trader,

Download a complimentary copy of the brand new edition of my OVI-FlagTrader eBook which introduces my unique strategy for extracting profits from the market. My method combines a highly respected traditional technique with a completely unique way of following ‘insider’ trading activity.

This proprietary approach to trading will show you how you can trade safely and for ‘Windfall’ profits in just three easy steps.

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The original FlagTrader method has generated millions of dollars in the market over the years, and is based on a method used by one of the great trading legends of our time. But with the added power of my OVI we’ve topped that, achieving phenomenal statistically proven results.

In the newest edition of my complimentary eBook you’ll discover:

• How to identify a huge move in a stock before it happens allowing you to rake in big profits.
• How to combine one simple indicator with one traditional chart pattern, to generate windfall profits.
• The 3 steps to unleashing OVI-FlagTrader combination:
   – My proprietary OVI and how to take full advantage of its power
   – Breakouts from flag patterns that reveal huge profit opportunities
   – A safe and simple trading plan to achieve the best results
• The 5 biggest challenges that traders face and how to overcome them
• How a trader of any skill level can benefit financially from OVI-FlagTrader
• How to make money with an automated trading system like our new OViCoPilot.
All this and much more is revealed in the latest edition of my in depth OVI-FlagTrader eBook.

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Uncover one of the most powerful and profitable trading systems ever created. Download “Trading with the OVI and Flag Patterns (Second Edition 2013)” and start on your way to potentially profit with huge gains in the market.

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Guy Cohen