I was given this by Graham a few months ago, and was sceptical as my last review for a sportsworld product, the profit rocket, was positive, yet the rocket spluttered and crashed in spectacular fashion soon after!

So I started this trial and gave it an extended run. I have been pleasantly surprised, not only by the profit made (most important), but also the response to queries I have had both from the author, Roger, and from the software providers. I have communicated with both via email and the phone,and they have always been helpful.

The basic system is following some easy rules to ascertain whether a race will provide us with a back and a lay bet in that race. This is done in the morning. 5 minutes before each race, we then look again at the race, and if conditions are met, we place 1 back bet and 1 lay bet. Price movements are the key here, some races both selections will be backs, sometimes both lays, so we leave the race. Some races, the lay bet will be too high a price, we leave that race. Some races are ruled out in the morning, but not many. 

And that is it. However, this does mean watching every race for the whole day, something that most of us cannot do. So there is an option to rent a bot on your pc. This is easy to set up and Roger, the author, then sends bets to your bot which places them on your betfair account. The bot guys are on hand via email and phone to help you set it up, which is simple,and to help with any problems you may have with it.

The one niggle I had with the bot was that if a lay selection is over the cut-off price, the lay was not placed but the back bet still was. Now this would not be a problem if the back bet won, however, I was finding that whenever this happened the bet lost! I am pleased to say that this issue has now been resolved. I am not going to say how, however, I am aiming to update the progress of this system regularly, and will report any further anomolies I experience. 

The profit I managed was slightly higher than the official results given in may, however this was less than a point, and slightly lower in april (88 points for the 30 days to last saturday, 24 points in april) At one stage I was considering leaving the back bets as they were standing still, but Roger told me to stick with them, and they have started to come in again.

This has to go on the approved list. The options to get this are :

option 1 buy the system outright and get started

option 2 buy a subscription to the private site and follow roger as he posts the selections ‘live’. You place the bets manually yourself. After 3 months you will get the system rules and should be able to do the selections yourself

option 3 get the bot and sit back. If you are near your pc, you can watch the action on the bot and the tv.

Now that the bot is on version 3, it seems very stable and that is the one I will stick with.

As I said I will update regularly, probably weekly. 

You can get Follow The Fortunes here: