Another offering from sportsworld, with 3 options.

1. buy the system and operate yourself, with a months support

2. do not buy the system, join and get a password and see the selections each day on line, after 3 months you get the system anyway

3. subscribe to a bot that does all the races for you, selections uploaded onto the bot ‘live’ by the author who is monitoring the races.

The system itself involves finding a race where a back and lay bet can be placed on 2 horses. Possible qualifying races are found in the morning, filtering out some races. You then watch the live prices aprox. 5 minutes before each race, and depending on the current betfair price, you then either place a back and a lay bet, or leave the race alone. You will never place 2 back bets, 2 lay bets or just 1 back or lay bet, the race has to qualify for the 2 bets.

Possible races are easy enough to spot, however, all 3 options give you access to the days possible qualifiers on a spreadsheet. You then have to follow the live markets, unless following option 2 where you get another password to get the selections 5 minutes before each race. Or option 3 where all you have to do is switch on the bot!

Hope all of that makes sense! I will be following as many races as I can, checking that my selections match the results given out each day.

Initial thoughts are that a bot really is needed, espacially when there is evening racing, but we will see how we go!