Even concentrating on just a few leagues, Saturday was a busy morning with 31 selections to be assessed. Next week there will be more as Germany’s Bundesliga didn’t qualify this week. Unfortunately Japan started around 6a.m., so I missed these. 17 of these matches kicked off around 3p.m. and I had to reduce the number of bets, otherwise liability would be out of control. I attempted to keep to 4 to 5 bets in a rolling 2 hour period, selecting “strong” bets first, and removing matches where even 1 leg of the additional filters failed; the rules do state both legs should fail but I needed to reduce the list somehow!

69 matches were assessed this week.

Also, this week had 2 losers from the (Back) 30 bets. Unfortunately, both of these were qualifying bets.

Week 1: Back Bets 30, Back Wins 28, Back Profit £46.12,
  Lay Bets 16, Lay Wins 14, Lay Profit £55.72.