Using no science, I randomly select matches to try and get 4 to 5 matches in a rolling 2 hour period. There 8 losing scorelines this week, and I found 6 of them! This obviously scews the profit/loss. International break, so I’ll have a think about this strategy; perhaps I should choose matches with high goals-per-match. I’ll restart the trial if I do change strategies.

There won’t be a summary next week as no matches in the leagues I am following for 2 weeks.

Week 2: Back Bets 33, Back Wins 27, Back Profit -£ 220.52,  Lay Bets 16, Lay Wins 10, Lay Profit -£ 156.04.
Overall: Bets: Back Bets 63, Back Wins 55, Back Profit -£ 174.40,  Lay Bets 32, Lay Wins 24, Lay Profit -£ 100.32.