Yay, league football is back. I said that I would look at the data and see if the match selection process could be amended. I have reduced the leagues to investigate to English Premier, Bundesliga and Holland Eredivise. This led to 20 selections over the weekend, and all were winners. Unfortunately only 7 were matched, but still! The “rejected” leagues have formed the core selections for the Double Dutch system.

Week 3: Back Bets 10, Back Wins 10, Back Profit £ 76.68, 
Lay Bets 2, Lay Wins 2, Lay Profit £ 21.54.

Overall: Bets: Back Bets 73, Back Wins 65, Back Profit -£ 97.72, 
Lay Bets 34, Lay Wins 26, Lay Profit -£ 78.79.