I have been looking Football ATM promoted by Steve Davidson. This is a Windows only app (bot) that costs £39.94. The app appears to be for Windows only.

Steve declares a 97% strike rate for this app and at 87.6% I am close (ish). This is almost certainly due to my match selections; I simply bet on English Premier League, German Bundesliga and Dutch Eredivisie. These were filtered as suggested in the manual.

Any result other than a nil-nil draw wins, but a nil-nil draw really hurts. For example, I got 10 wins in 14 bets, but the 4 losers meant I lost £230!

The premise of the bot is for a leg to go on a long winning run so that you have a 20-fold or longer accumulator. The stakes ramp up but you use winnings from previous legs. Probably a good idea to impose a maximum run length, say stop at 15 straight winners for example, but that is not what I did.

You manually enter data into the software and it assesses a match as to whether to bet it or not. Here too, probably best to separate “Bet” and “Strong Bet” into their stake plans, but I didn’t do this either.

You are betting on Betfair, so you need to be certain that Betfair have the league you are interested in and that the liquidity will see you matched. With Betfair’s new commission offering, I deducted only 2% commission on a 20-point bank for the backs and a 100-point bank for the lays, both starting at £1,000.

You don’t get matched on many Correct Score lays.

I ended -£240 down on the Over/Under Backs and -£190 down on Correct Score Lays, as stated above this is due to my match selection rather than a fault with the software. Perhaps you could do better in finding matches that don’t finish 0-0!

The software works; I’d have coded this differently but that is a niggle. So even though my ability to consistently find 0-0 matches meant there was a heavy loss, I am going to approve this application.

You can get Football ATM here