I am going to look at Football ATM promoted by Steve Davidson. This is an app (bot) that costs £39.94 unless you can get a promotion; as I write this the cost is £34.97. The app appears to be for Windows only. Steve declares a 97% rate for this app, anywhere near this should be very profitable.

You get three functions with the app, unfortunately all data is entered manually:

  1. A function to asses match profile to determine whether it is a bet or not. The manual shows you how to collect the required data, although I found the videos much more helpful.
  2. A function to record back bets, this suggests the stake which compounds as each bet wins.
  3. A function to record lay bets.

Please note that the manual also explains how to set-up the app.

My football betting follows 28 leagues, this is far too many for this app, you’d be all day assessing matches! The leagues I intend to follow are: English Premier, Spain La Liga, Germany Bundesliga, Netherlands Eredivisie, Japan J league (maybe! Matches start early) and Russian Premier. During the summer I’d consider North and South America leagues and the Scandinavian leagues. This is an all year around service.

You are betting on Betfair, so you need to be certain that Betfair have the league you are interested in and that the liquidity will see you matched. With Betfair’s new commission offering, I’ll be deducting only 2% commission. I am using a 20-point back for the backs and a 100-point bank for the lays, at least initially!

You can get Football ATM here.