Football Bets Update

When I reviewed this back in December 2010 I gave this a neutral rating, bemoaning that “Tamboy” had not contributed to the service as much as the other 2 tipsters. Tamboy has now left the service as, apparently, the lack of performance continued.

Looking at a recent newsletter though (football bets newsletter April 2012) it appears that the remaining two tipsters produce long-term profits.

At first glance the figures aren’t that impressive, but at least both make profit to level stakes. However, just putting Phil’s results through The Staking Machine provides a totally different view. On my copy of TSN, far and away the staking plan that returns the most profit is one called “Bookies Bank” (using 10% of cumulative bank), but this does bust the bank at several points. “Percentage” (using 10% and do not ratchet) is the best plan that doesn’t bust the bank. Either of which provide a reasonable return.

I recommend that you look at the results (football results), invest in a copy of The Staking Machine and find a stake plan that suits you. Of course there are no guarantees moving forward, but as the results are taken over 2 1/2 years it does look promising.

You can try Football Bets here: