Football Betting Champ

As I stated in a recent blog I was preparing to give this service a slating.

This is a subscription service for £47 per month or £400 annual.

What you get are several bets as they occur, this can be mid-week as well as weekends. You also get a progressive stake plan for each selection up to a maximum of 4 loses; a fourth successive loss can wipe out nearly 10% of your bank. As the games we are betting on are “big” games, you can usually get the odds Mr X indicates in his videos.

I have couple of issues with the service:

The website provides “evidence” on the services performance in previous seasons, but not the performance of this season. I am therefore unable to verify that the “evidence” presented is truthful. I also have to worry that they are trying to hide something.

Only 27 bets in the 2 months I have been monitoring the service. To be fair there have been a couple of breaks for Internationals. However, if I had bought in to this service I think I would be looking for more selections than this.

The reason I was preparing to give the service a bashing was because the £1000 starting bank had dwindled to £640. However, there have been 4 wins in the last 2 weeks and this has brought the balance up to £948.47. However, in writing this summary I have just realised that I have neglected to include Betfair commission at 5% on these wins; the adjusted figure is £903.28.

To conclude then, near enough £100 loss and 2 months of £47 subscriptions would see you close to £200 down. On this basis I have to recommend that this service is categorised as failed. However, we have had a run of good results recently and just perhaps we have had an unlucky start. Therefore I will continue to monitor the service up to my forthcoming holiday in 3 weeks time to see if this run continues. If it does I will be more than happy to re-categorise the service.

You can try Football Betting Champ here:


I said in my review I would monitor the service up to my forthcoming holiday to celebrate a “significant” birthday (one that ends with a “0”³). I hadnt accounted for the International break, so I havent collected as much data as I would have wished.


There were 2 nice winners of the 7th November and this has pushed us in to profit, even allowing for the subscription fees. Bank (not including deductions for the subscription) is now £1103.81.

I also mentioned that I wasnt happy about the lack of published recent results. The service administrator has sent me a jpeg with this seasons bets and P/L. The picture confims my experiences, so I am happy with it’s validity. This picture shows 3 wins and 1 loss from the season start and just before I joined the service. If I adjust the winnings to allow for these games  I get a bank of £1269.

So, with recognition that your experience of this service would depend on when you joined, but with the service now showing a profit, I am going to ask Graham to re-categorise this as neutral.This is because with a £1000 starting bank you are only slightly better than break-even after fees. Granted a higher starting bank would have cleared these fees easily. So your experience of this service also depends on the size of your initial investment. I wouldnt recommend this service if your starting bank is going to be less than £1000.

You can try Football Betting Champ here: