I’ve been recording the selections of this service since early June and am now ready to give my verdict.

The service targets the Under/Over 2.5 market for football matches around the world. There is an ebook that details how selections are made but it is up to the individual customer whether they choose to buy the book or just subscribe to the author’s tips service. I thoroughly read the book and was fairly impressed at first but the more I went through it the less I liked it. There’s a lot left to your own opinion of what the outcome would be. Granted, you are told what factors to consider but this rule carries twice the weight of the statistical rules when the final decision on which bet to place is made.

Another issue I have with this is the amount of sign-up links present throughout the book. Much is made on the sales page about being able to build up your betting bank for free by using bookmaker offers. There is some amount of truth to that for the very newest of gamblers but the majority of customers will find this part of limited interest as they will already have accounts. The more serious quibble I have with this practice is that you are advised to use a certain bookmakers site to do all your statistical research, again through a sign-up link. There are hundreds of far better and far easier to use dedicated football stat websites out there and I would be far happier if the author directed members to those for the benefit of their betting rather than to a bookmaker for his benefit.

However, you do not have to buy the book. You can just subscribe to the tipster part of the service for a monthly fee and that is the part that I have been following during this trial.

As can be seen in the figures below, a profit of just £12 was made during the 3 month trial that covered the World Cup and carried on afterwards using leagues that were in progress at the time. That was made using the exact stake advised in the weekly email. In all but 1 or 2 cases the bet has been £50. A week after we started the trial the authors made an error and removed me from the selections list for a week. I have checked with 2 other sources and the bets we missed made a loss of £120 to advised stakes so that has to be deducted from our £12 as do the monthly subscription fees of around £8 a month (cheapest option). After all those are taken in consideration, you can see that a fairly substantial loss would have been made. The main problem is that when betting at fairly heavy odds-on prices (average of around 1.7) you are going to need a very high strike rate and that just has not been achieved. So I’m afraid that this service has to be filed under FAILED.

There is another slight concern. After signing up to receive the selections service I also received a lot of extra emails about other betting products. There have been quite a few of the ” I just heard about this new wonder product and thought of you” (paraphrased) type ones arrived direct from the authors amongst them.

End Of Test Bank £1012
Profit +£12
Bets 42
Wins 25
Av Odds 1.7
S/R 59.5%

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