I am currently monitoring the performance of this service that my colleague Michael reviewed back in late 2010.

The service performed well for him, despite the odd poor run, and he was happy to list it under Approved Services.

There’s nothing ominous about our decision to have another detailed look, just thought we’d make sure it was still perfoming to a decent standard.

The advised betting bank is 1000 points and the advice is not to compound or adjust staking level as the season progresses, although Michael did find that he did considerably better by using compounded stakes.

For the duration of this revisit I will use the tipster’s own advice to the letter and see how we go from there. So far tips have arrived on the Friday before the weekend’s fixtures and once on a Monday for some midweek games. Emails are clear and easy to follow and the prices have been available at the time I have checked. There was one bet that I could not get near the odds for but when I emailed to ask for verifaction I was advised that they had made an error with the price and that they had adjusted their results sheet to reflect the true price available.

We started on the first weekend of the main season with the advised 1000 points and the first few bets all lost knocking it back down to 875. Thankfully this bad run was short lived and the bank has already recovered and now stands at 1095.

This service is a little different from most of the tipsters we see in that they only have a couple of bets a week (generally 2 per weekend) and they tend to be short(ish) priced but at larger stakes. To be perfectly honest, I do tend to prefer this type of tipster as it all feels more targetted than some of the services that make multiple selections a day for smaller stakes. That’s not to say that those other services don’t have their place and are not worth investigating, it’s just that I find that when they have poor runs they can often last a little longer and deplete the bank in a “Death By A Thousand Cuts” manner. That’s just a general opinion of my own preferences and is by no means a hard and fast rule.

So far I’m pleased with how this service is running and will keep the records up to date for the next month or so just to see that it still belongs in the Approved Services list

Looking at the comments in the Members Area of their website it seems that there were changes made to the service during last season and that there were quite a few negative comments made about the effect these changes had on performance. There’s a comment about how it seemed to be different from previous seasons by someone who appeared to be a longterm member and he says that Asian Handicaps had been introduced and that they were not working. On a positive note, the last comment on the thread is from the admin of the site saying that they had taken the comments on board and would act accordingly.

Obviously, I do not know the details of last season but I can confirm (and show on my s/sheet) that there have not been any Handicaps so far this season and that they have all been straight win bets apart from one bet on the Under/Over market.