Using this service and my own staking plan, I have not quite broken even since my last update (30 October). The advice from the service is to use level stakes, but I decided that I would rather use a rolling bank, without any ratcheting, so I have not been “following the rules”. On the other hand after the poor run reported in my last update, I have kept my stress levels very low!! Also, I have not been keeping records of what would have happened using level stakes. Consequently, it is not straightforward to give a points P/L since the last update. What I shall do instead is give a breakdown:

There have been 12 bets placed since October 30th at average odds of just under 1.26 before BF commission (where applicable). Nine of these were winning bets giving a 75% strike rate. Two of the losses were staking 100 points (from a 1000 point bank) and one was for 200 points. Without taking the trouble to do the math, I am certain that I would have been better off using level stakes. However, as profits build (as they have done every previous year I’ve used this service), compounding will work its magic, leading to more substantial profits. That at least is the aim.

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