Ok, I’m going to put this test on hold now until the start of the new season because I’ve had a couple of e-mails from different readers who have been getting very different results to me and it does appear that a little knowledge of football goes a long way with this system. The system is promoted as something that can be used without any prior knowledge of football but I have found that the author has assumed that everybody must know the basics because it’s such a big sport… he obviously didn’t reckon on people like me who got invited to see Chelsea play and had to ask which colour we were supporting!

To be fair, the author, or rather the authors colleague Ian from FTS, has put up a web page to explain the system a little better for people that already have it. I would hope the author would put this information into his manual before selling anymore.

I also need to thank Liam for his very helpful e-mail (copied below with pertinent details omitted) as I think he has a much better understanding of how this works. I only wish he had written the e-book!

From Liam:

Hi Graham

Just a quick note on the football cash builder system. I have been using this for roughly the same time as you and am getting much better results from it than you are. I think the problem is with the way the ebook is written. Other than (omitted), the rest is total waffle. He just says to use a bookies coupon to make the selections, but depending which bookie you use gives totally different selections. I seem to remember you saying in the blog that you were using william hill or ladbrookes to make selections. I have always bet on football (usually badly) and have without fail found these to be the tightest bookies going, so what they give as a (omitted) bet may very well be (omitted) with other bookies and therefore is a false selection for this system. What I did was to use oddschecker a few times to find the consistently slightly more generous bookies and then use their coupons as a basis for selection. I have used paddypower, bet365 and in particular stanjames to really good effect with this system.

There is also a really handy website called:


This site gives fixtures and, more importantly, up to date league tables for both home and away results from all manner of countries and is a god-send when making selections. Yesterday my bet won. I had (omitted). That was based on the ebooks instructions on prices but placed with a more reasonable bookie and looking at the league tables concerned to make sure it seemed a realistic price. I know you said that you have no interest or knowledge of football and that I am a very keen follower of it in this country but I assure you that I have not got the slightest clue on European or South American teams. Yet I have used them to good effect simply because they were the first ones listed on the coupon I was using with the prices that fit the ebooks rules.

The long and short of it is that this guy has come up with a good system (both selection and staking) but has written a lazy and quite frankly crap ebook full of long-winded waffle. I know you have to review the system as it is written but I hope this email will help give you a better idea of how it can work. Bet I’ve jinxed myself now and it all goes to pot.