Hi Everyone

My name is Liam and I am going to carry on the test on the Football Cash Builder System. As you can see from Graham’s last blog entry, I have added a couple of extra checks to this system as the ebook is a little slapdash in some respects. I believe this is the reason why members are getting differing results whilst using the same criteria. I have not made any changes to the selection or staking methods given in the ebook. I will record the outcome of all bets placed and will give a running total as per the staking plan included (see Graham’s entry 23 March) and it may be of interest to see if level stake betting is a safer option. A losing sequence may be costly so I will also give a running total using a level stake of £50 a bet. Bet frequency may slow slightly over the next few weeks as some leagues are finishing and some are just starting their season. I aim to post results a couple of times a week for the next month – 6 weeks. Here are the results over the last week :

Bet 1
Stake £50
Won  114.50
Staking  +114.50
Level     +114.50

Bet 2
Stake £55
Won  130.35
Staking  +244.85
Level     +229.50

Bet 3
Stake £60
Staking  +184.85
Level     +179.50

Bet 4
Stake £90
Won  207.00
Staking  +391.85
Level     +294.50

Bet 5
Stake  £60
Staking  +331.85
Level     +244.50

A decent start to the test with a lost stake recovered straight away. Let’s hope it continues.