Bet 10

Stake   £105


Staking  +£519.65

Level      +£319.71



Bet 11

Stake  £160

Won   £355.20

Staking   +£874.85

Level       +£430.71

Completes this cycle. Next stake £75

Bets frequency has slowed, but there are plenty of leagues playing throughout the summer and if you cast your net wide enough (yesterday involved an Australian team) you should get a handfull of bets most weeks. One slight worry is that even with my extensive research of fixtues before placing a bet, I am only hitting around a 55% strike rate. The ebook claims that without any football knowledge or research the strike rate should be around 80%. Based on Graham’s findings, and losses, when he followed instructions to the letter I would cast serious doubt on this figure. That said, even with only a 55% strike rate I am making a very good profit from both staking plan and level stakes