Bet 12

Stake   £75

Won    £192.53

Staking   +£1067.38

Level       +£559.06



Bet 13

Stake   £80

Won    £180

Staking    +£1247.38

Level        +£671.56

Typical, the moment I mention bet frequency and strike rate being a bit on the low side I manage to find 2 bets on the same day and we hit a winning run of 3 bets. I still think the strike rate will end up being 55-60%. A really good profit is being made at the moment and so stakes are increasing as per the staking plan, so it is worth pointing out that if we hit a losing cycle of 3 bets we would drop £410. We would still be in a very healthy state but it is worth keeping in mind as we progress so as not to get carried away.