First of all here are the all important end of test figures :

Profit using staking plan provided £872.28

Number of bets placed 20

Wins 9

Losses 11

Strike rate 45%

Longest win run 3

Longest losing run 5

It feels rather strange to write the review of a system that has provided a very decent level of profit in a short amount of time without being able to give it two thumbs up whilst blowing a whistle and turning cartwheels. I have this nagging worry that I have made this profit despite the systems rules and not because of them.

I must admit I was very keen on this system when I first read it through. It is based on very easy to follow instructions :

  1. Get a bookie’s coupon
  2. Look for the advised odds
  3. Place the advised bet
  4. Light cigar, tell boss get stuffed. ( paraphrased )

The problems start here really. We all know that prices can vary a great deal between the different bookies and, as stated above, price is the only real criteria for making selections with this system.

You then have the problem that the bookie’s odds are often way too tight compared to the actual chance of a result. There is no advice in the ebook about how to look at league placings, form, derby matches etc. The instructions are to simply back  at the odds given.

I could not believe how poor an idea that was. So I put in significant research before placing a bet. For anyone interested some of the better FREE (no sign-up) sites I found were:

When it comes to the staking, the plan provided looks good at first. But it soon becomes clear that the 80% strike rate claimed is going to be very hard to match. That’s why I blogged a level stakes record. Another blog reader ran a spreadsheet test for a seasons worth of bets using a 55% strike rate of bets with a 2/1 return for a winner. The staking plan performed very badly indeed. Level stakes were not too bad. It appears that a 5% ratcheting staking plan staying at level stakes following a loss is the way to go. I feel that the long-term strike rate will end up being around the 50-55% bracket. God alone knows what it would be were you to follow the rules as given. Hence Graham’s problems with it when he tried earlier this year. It should have been far easier when he was doing it as all the big leagues were in full flow.


Would I use this system “straight out of the box”? Good god no!

Would I recommend it to someone with little knowledge/interest in football? No. Checking of fixtures/tables needed would bore such a person to death.

I would say that reading this system has opened my eyes to the huge amount of worldwide football available and the research sites there to help. I won’t be using as it is set out, but it’s given me good ideas for future betting.

If you love football and enjoy researching league tables you can make money, but not at the rate they claim and I would advise against using the staking plan included.

You can get Football Cash Builder here: