I am going to blog this one myself because it’s about time I learned something about football betting as I’ve managed to go forty years without knowing a thing about this silly sport except that the players earn more in a week than most people earn in a year.

The website purports that you don’t need to know anything about football betting to be able to use this, so I am an ideal candidate for testing it.

Ok, so whats this about? Well, obviously without giving away too much, it definately isn’t the usual lay the draw and back the win in play, which is nice as it means you can take your time going over the fixtures and identifying the bet and then leave it to play out. As this was my first time I couldn’t seem to find the coupon to enter the bets. I logged into William Hill, clicked on Football and I was then presented with a huge screen of all kinds of different football leagues and divisions and cups and premiers etc. Of course, if you know about football then this is obvious but I did struggle for a few minutes wondering what it all meant.

Anyway, I quickly found the bet as outlined in the system manual and placed it for £50. I decided to follow the staking plan included which is a simple three phase progression. Since the minimum odds achievable are 2/1 the progression is easily managable and with an in built stop loss. If you do go three bets without a win you take the loss and start again, although the loss isn’t too bad and should be recoverable within a few winning bets.

On a winning bet, the stake is increased marginally so the bank can compound. The author claims an 80% strike rate with these bets which, if true, will definately mean a good profit.

The good news is my first bet on Wednesday won and gave me a profit of £121 so my next bet on the Saturday was £55.

Saturdays bet also won giving me a profit of £102. The next bet is for £60 and will be played this afternoon. I must admit, I am half tempted to actually watch the action but then that would mean I have to learn songs and stuff wouldn’t it? Anyone know where I can buy a rattle?
19th March
Stake £50  Profit £121

22nd March
Stake £55 Profit £102

Total Profit £223