I have a one-off review by our resident soccer expert Liam Moroney of a new football system on the market. Unfortunately, according to Liam, this one doesn’t even warrant a serious look. Just to explain, if it seems a little blunt it is because this was actually from an e-mail Liam sent me when I asked if he would like to test out the system. I deemed his response more than adequate:

Football Cash Code
Reviewed by Liam Moroney

I’ve had a good read through and had a look at the sales page. I would strongly suggest scrubbing this one. The book is 50 pages long, of which 30+ are taken up with how to place a bet, what betting terms mean etc.

When they do get to the point, all you get is the now pretty much discredited “lay the draw, back after a goal is scored” stuff. This has been around for years and does not work anymore. They state you can lay at 3.9 before the game then back at 7.0 as soon as a goal is scored. No you can’t. The price hardly moves and if the away team scores first the price may go inwards instead.
The bookings index bet they suggest is totally flawed as well. Poor value and as a result there is hardly any liquidity. They state this is geared specially for the current season, but anyone following football knows that bookings are way down this year thanks to this respect campaign publicity stunt the f.a. keep going on about.

The lowlight is a trading suggestion. Back teams with odds of around 1.17 in high liquidity matches a few days before the game for £1000, then hope that the lay price comes down to 1.13 before kick off.

Their sales page says everything you need is included and yet every section of the book says to “look around some football websites to find stats and figures you can learn to research.” They give a reader no hint of which sites to use or avoid etc.
Long and short is that system is a load of old crap recycled into new crap. The sales page does not reflect what you get for your money and if they reckon they should charge £247 for it they’re mad. It really isn’t worth blogging.

Sorry to rattle on but it really is THAT bad.



If you are barking mad you can get the Football Cash Code here: