This is the final review and verdict for Football DUO Software

I have been recording results for this software based system for almost 6 months. The reason for the extended trial was the fact that we had a very slow period toward the end of the main leagues and then the closed season months. We also had a protracted period of bouncing up and down around the same level of profit. I wanted to see how that panned out before reaching a verdict.

The software comes as a Windows only download and is extremely easy to install and understand.  It costs £39.99 for a full 12 month license.

It functions by searching for set criteria in the odds markets for U/O 0.5, U/O 2.5. The system highlights any potential selections and then it’s up to the user to check the price for the match to be a Draw. If all prices fall into the set range, then you place two bets. A 1 point bet for the match to be a Draw, and a 2 point bet on Under 2.5 goals.

The odds range is set so that if you get one of the bets right, you will break even and possibly win a fraction of a point. If you get both right, you’d win just over 3 points. If both bets lose, it’ll cost you 3 points.

The software functions perfectly and, as usual from this seller, the customer service is excellent.

So to the End Of Test figures:

BETS 208

WINS 111

S/R 53.37%

PROFIT/LOSS  +38.12 points

ROI 12.22%

So after nearly 6 months of testing, it has returned 38 points profit. Not exactly a stellar performer, but a profit’s a profit. There are no ongoing subscription charges after purchasing your initial license, so even a £1 a point betting it’s recouped its purchase price and all further winnings are pure profit.

However, there’s a very clear trend over the entire trial period. This system is far better suited to international games rather than league games.

If you only used this on international games (both friendlies and competitive games) the figures improve to:



S/R 65.28%

PROFIT/LOSS 39.12 points

ROI 36.22%

We can see that all the profit gained during the entire trial came from Internationals and all the league games covered have ended with the loss of 1 point.

So 39 points profit from just 72 bets, with a 65% strike rate. A much better looking set of figures but you have to bear in mind that you’ll have long periods without a bet and then a flurry of activity in the space of a few weeks.

All prices used have been found on Oddschecker, using traditional bookies only, better prices could have been achieved on Betfair.

Given the performance, the relatively cheap purchase price and the excellent service back-up I think this is worthy of an APPROVED rating based on the figures for the International games only. If I were rating it on overall figures, it’d probably be a more borderline Neutral/Approved decision. As always, I’ve shown you all the figures and all the bets to help make a decision. Personally, I’m going to continue to use it on the internationals only and not bother with league games.