I’m going to be recording results for Football DUO Software.

This is another scraping and selection system from the same stable as Lay The Draw Software and Gerry’s Football Bank Builder.

It is a Windows only application that is very easy to use. All you do is start it off and wait for it to highlight any confirmed bets. As with the others from this seller, the sales page shows exactly what you do and how you place your bets.

I’ve had this since Friday and have run it a couple of times each day since to see if we have any bets. We did get 2 games on Saturday.

The way you bet these is a 2 point bet on Under 2.5 and a 1 point bet on the game to be a draw. The idea being that as long as one of the bets comes in, you’ll at least break even, if both come in you make a decent profit. The software costs £39.99 for a one year license.

We had 1 full winner and 1 break even on Saturday. There haven’t been any other selections so far and the software does seem to check a good few days in advance.

As per usual, I’ll be starting with a 100 point bank and staking exactly as they advise.

So far we’re 3.6 points up. I’ll update weekly to see how it’s progressing.