Late last year I ran this test for about a month and it made a small profit, but not big enough for it to appear in the “Approved Systems” list.  However, while this is a slow-burner it is also based on principles that seem to me very sound and I happen to like it.  Consequently, it had been my intention to run the trial for another month.  Unfortunately, family circumstances prevented me from doing that.  The crisis has now passed however, and I will pick this up from where I left off and run it for another four weeks.

Early on in the trial I missed a couple of selections due to misreading the rules.  I did not amend the results to include these.  However, if they had been included the profit would be £9.50 higher than I have recorded.

It looks like there may be one selection on Wednesday, but nothing before.

RESULTS at end of first month
Starting bank £1000
Profit £29.50
Current bank £1029.50

Next stake £10.