This is my final review of Mark Foley’s Football Forecast service.

The current cost of the service is £14.99 for the first month, and then £29.99 thereafter.

Selections are advised from the English Premier League, and emailed on the morning of the game. The time when the emails are received vary quite a bit, one was somewhere around 6:30am, but can arrive much later in the morning.

I could not see any advice on the website regarding the size of bank to be held, and the selections did not advise what stakes were to be placed on the selections. I showed results to a one-point stake, unless advised (as was the case in a number of the selections) to split the stake placed.

The review had some fairly substantial losses:

Loss to Advised odds: -59.87 points
Loss to Achieved odds: -58.98 points

In total, I followed 154 selections from October 17th to February 2nd. Of these only 13 were successful, which is fractionally less than 8.5%.

Bearing in mind that this review took place during the middle of the season, rather than the beginning or the end, I would have expected a better performance from the trial.

Taking into account the strike rate, and losses achieved, I can only suggest that this service be placed in the failed section.

You can try Football Forecasts here:Failed