We’ve been following the selections of the Football Formula for the whole of October and it’s now time to wrap it up.

The selections arrive via email the night before the games are due to be played and the email includes all the information needed including the price available for each bet. I checked all prices on Oddschecker within minutes of the email arriving and the prices were nearly always still valid. On a few occaisions there were slight differences but nothing of concern as sometimes they were higher than the service claimed.

Sadly, that’s about as far as we can go on a positive note as the bank has been in negative territory for the majority of test. There must be a huge amount of time and effort spent on making the selections because bets were advised on a wide range of different markets including Handicaps, Win Each Half, Time Of First Goal etc as well as the more traditional straight win bets. So the failure is not through lack of effort.

One area that particularly let the bank down was a tendency to place multiple market bets on the same game. It really is a pretty high risk stratergy and IF it comes off then you can win a very decent return, the problem is that you are staking a very large number of points. Take yesterday as an example, Sevilla v Granada we had 5 different market bets staking a total of 28 points on that game. We had Sevilla Ht-Ft, Sevilla to win to nil, Sevilla to win both halves and correct score bets on 2-0 and 3-0.  One flukey goal or a dodgy penalty decision the wrong way and most of those bets are dead in the water and the others are looking distintcly peaky. But that is just my own opinion and probably reflects my risk adverse nature.

So to facts rather than opinion.

Using the recommended 300 Point Bank adjusted daily the test ended a whopping 100.81 Points down. Our starting bank of £600 was reduced to £408.54. I also kept track of using just a straight £2 a point bank and a £2 level stakes (no point value) bank. Neither fared much better.

There’s no option other than to file this under FAILED which is a bit of a shame as you can’t really fault the admin side of the service and it’s clear that a lot of time is spent on making selections but bottom line profit is king.

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