This one is a bit different from the usual tipster deal as it provides tips both in advance, via email, and live in-play bets via a chatroom &/or Twitter.

In line with most other Betting Gods services, the first month is available for just £1 with following months billed at £29.95. Cheaper packages are available for longer term deals.

So far, things have been a bit up and down result wise but having spent plenty of time in the chatroom over the last weekend there seems to be plenty of happy customers who seems very content with how the service has performed in the past.

The emailed selections are a mix of straight Win bets, Win & BTTS and WIN & Over 2.5 bets. The emails are very easy to understand and all odds quoted have been available at the time. I was initially a little concerned about the live in-play part of the service. Virtually all of my own betting activity is in-play trading and I know from my experience that getting a bet on at a value price, on the more niche interest markets, can be next to impossible once you strayaway from the Premier Lge and it’s big status competitors.

Happily, I can report that all the live bets advised and the prices quoted for them are to be found on Bet365 and/or other traditional bookies rather than Betfair. This means there’s no messing about with comission either.

We started testing this in early February and it has been something of a wild ride since then. When we started the trial, the recommended starting bank was 50 points. That has since changed and the new suggested start would be 100 points.

That is more realistic, the main problem with the 50 point bank (apart from the losing bets) was that virually all normal bets are for 2 points, making it nearer to a 25 bet start.

I was, initially, really quite optimistic about this service. He usually targets the mixed win type bet, Win & BTTS or Win & Over 2.5 etc. There were also some live trading sessions held on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, these petered out toward the end of the season.

A poor run of results lead to the intial bank being completely lost. I decided to allow it to carry on the trial as we had come close to landing large multiples on several occasions and they had now upped the recommended start bank.

We hit a decent run and most of the lossed were recovered. However, another steep downturn in performance hit and the bank crashed back through the zero level.

It’s a bit of a pity that things have worked out so poorly since we began, as I know for a fact that they had been going along really well previously. We can only make a call on how it’s been during our 5 months of membership and that, quite frankly, has been pretty dire.

With the bank blown, again, and overall losses totalling around 60 points, I’m afraid this one has well and truly FAILED our trial.