A slight bounce back in share prices over the Christmas period has been a rare bit of good news for this service.

I’m afraid this is just going to be a repeat of pretty much every update I’ve given on this service; I like them, I think they know what they’re doing and they are good at it, we’re making decent money on dividends, the Index itself is letting customers down with poor decisions and even poorer methods of implementing those decisions, we’re losing money due to poor trading conditions and trader confidence.

Things do finally seem to be turning a little though, after a few really tough weeks the prices finally seemed to head the right way.

The figures are still pretty ugly but I do think there is reason to be a bit less glum about its prospects over the next few months, we shall see.

I’ve spent £4,018.25 on purchases, the portfolio is currently valued at £2,030.36, I’ve made £699.64 in sales, and been paid £327.87 in dividends.

Meaning we have an “On Paper” loss of £960.38. As I’ve tried to explain before, this figure can’t really be called a loss as it is more akin to being the value of Current In-Play Bets, but we must also bear in mind that we would have paid close on £300 in subs so far

Although it seems a long way down a very dark hole, we own so many shares in lots of different players and if/when Football Index do sort themselves out (new CEO on the way etc) I don’t think it would take all that long to make the figures look more respectable. We jumped over £200 up in the last week after a fairly small overall increase in our prices.