We had a bit of a minor recovery.

…….and then collapsed again.

I’ve said over and over that I like how this service performs but hate how the Index itself is (not) working well for customers, and that’s still pretty much the case.

There are more changes happening on the Index, they are changing the way new shares in players are issued and priced, there are limits on how many total shares are issued and how many can be issued per day.

We had a bit of a boost in values after an official announcement and update 2 weeks ago and then gave it all (and more) back again this week.

I must admit the constant cycle of comments like “Prices have risen this week and I’m confident we’re now seeing the start of return to normal prices”, followed the next week by “Prices have fallen again this week but I’m sure they’ll rise again so lets buy some potential bargains” from this service are starting to grate on me. “Another round of losses….oh well onward and upward” is NOT for me, not after this length of time anyway. I don’t want the newsletters to be entirely full of moans and groans but the cheerful trusting of the Index to sort themselves out is getting on my nerves, quite frankly.

Current figures, the portfolio has cost £4,262.63, it’s currently worth £1,706.48, I’ve been paid £393.15 in dividends and made £1,201.62 in sales. Meaning an on paper loss of £960. That’s before membership fees have been paid