It’s been two weeks since I posted my introduction to this service.

As expected, not an awful lot has happened but we have added another player to the portfolio. The overall value of our stable has fallen a bit, they say this is partly due to us having quite a few German based players where the season is nearing its end. They expect it all to pick back up in the near future and it is true to say that Football Index do seem to have big plans in place for a very big marketting push for next season.

We’ve done OK on dividends since the last update, we’ve earned £17.92 in total.

From my £2000 budget, I’ve spent £1,789.39 on building my portfolio. As of yesterday it’s currently worth £1,755.85 (using the Bid price, not the Sell Now price) so I’m around £15 down.

The serice are starting to (try) to sell off a few of their Short Term picks, this won’t afftect me as I didn’t buy any of the ones advised before I joined.