We’ve had quite a decent time since the last update.

We’ve continued to build some dividends and we’ve also started to see a few players’ share price move the right way for us.

There was news yesterday that the structure of dividend payments is changing, to be perfectly honest, I didn’t understand a fair bit of the press release the Index issued so I’m looking forward to next week’s F.I.I. newsletter. I did get the overall gist of what’s happening, but in terms of what it means for our portfolio, this service does have a good way of putting everything in plain English for us.

So far I have spent £1947.91 on my portfolio. it is currently valued at £1960.60 and I have been paid £24.08 in divdends, meaning that I current stand around £35 up. The first time we’ve been in positive territory.

I’m quite enjoying this trial so far, as mentioned in the initial introductory post, it does have a whiff of Championship/Foootball Manager to it. I like that sort of whiff, and I’m a man who knows his whiffs!

You can sign up to Football Index Investor HERE