It’s been a few weeks since I updated you on progress of this service.

There’s not really been an awful lot to report. We have bought a few more players and added extra shares to some we already owned. We do have some shares in players up for sale, but no outriht sales have been made yet, I did manage to sell a few shares in one player that we were advised to lower our holding.

We are currently over the amount originally allocated as a starting bank. It;s not right to call this a “blown” bank, as we hold shares that also exceed the starting amount, so I’m willing to carry on for now.

This is around the timeframe we would normally be looking to give a Approved/Failed verdict but I don’t think that’s possible yet, due to all the weirdness going on with the pandemic and the nature of this serice, it’s going to need longer than our usual 3 months.

As things stand, I’ve spent £2368.47 buying shares, my portfolio is worth £2323.11, I’ve been paid £47.69 in dividends, and sold £23 of shares. So I reckon I’m about £25 up on paper, before subscriptions and commission charges.

I think that once the new seasons get going, and Football Index’s new order matching systems fully kick in I’ll be ready to give a proper verdict, but until then, I think I’ll keep it going and see how we get on selling some of our players and hopefully taking some profit to cover the subs.