It’s been a few weeks since my last update. We’re still suffering from the mishandling of the introduction of the Order Book system.

This is an odd situation to be in with regards to a review of a product. The service really does seem very well run, the owner approachable and knowledgeable, his picks perform well, etc etc etc. Yet we continue to bump along not making any money.

The service IS performing well, we’re doing well in terms of dividends earned from player performance and media coverage. We’re lucky in that respect, as the other side of the coin, Share Value, is a very different story.

I am keeping the trial going, probably until the end of this season. I want to be as fair as possible, mainly because that’s just the way we work here, but as I’ve said many times, I’m convinced there’s something worth having here. It’s just a case of the platform getting their act together and repairing the damage done by the botched Order Book launch.

To be fair to them too, they do seem to be trying. They recently held a Webinar on the whole Order Book issue and they are keeping us updated with all changes and offering training etc. So we shall see if it picks up soon. I hope so.

The service has had a bit of a spring clean over the last few weeks, we’ve binned off some players who had dropped in terms of value to us, bought in some new ones to grab those all important In Play Dividends, and adjusted our position on a few other players.

We started this review way back in May, just as football returned from the Big Lockdown. That means we’re entering our 7th month of the trial, which would mean payment of around £250 in subs fees. As good as I think the service provider is, if the platform doesn’t improve soon we could end up in a hole that he will find hard to help us climb out of.

As things stand, if they can just stabilise the market strcture, we could get out of trouble quite quickly.

My portfolio has cost £3,480 to assemble, is currently valued at £2,630, I’ve made £600 insales, and we have been paid £210 in dividends.

Overall, I have an on paper loss of around £35

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