It’s a few weeks since I reported on this service. I’m afraid it’s still the same story, making decent money on dividends but losing far more on the value of shares.

There have been numerous updates and changes made to the index over the last month, some good and some not so good for us. They have finally added a market depth list, which allows you to see how many shares are availabe at each price point and also gives you the ability to see where you should price players you want to offload.

Less good for us is the new “Benchmark” figure which lets you choose between four different ways to value your current portfolio. It makes a massive difference and I’m not sure they’re valid options in most cases. I’m sticking to using the Buy Price option, which is what we’ve used from the start.

I keep having to repeat the same thing with this trial, I think the “Tipster” service is actually pretty much on the ball and has the potential to be a real money spinner, but the Football Index itself is currently going through some changes, that it has introduced for itself, and most of which seem to be doing nothing but harm to its reputation and its members. Hmmmm

To the figures; I’ve spent £3,679.04 on players, the portfolio is currently worth £2,283.22, I’ve made £674.50 in player sales, and been paid £245.98 in dividends. That means an on paper loss of around £475. That’s before we pay our monthly subs.

It really is an “On Paper” loss as the best way to look at this service is as a long series of longterm bets, and the bet is not won or lost until we sell the player, the players we hold shares in are bets that are still inplay.

You can sign up to Football Index Intelligence here