My comments about being cautious with this one were borne out over the weekend.

A run of losing bets racked up total liabilities of more than 60 points. the next bet in the series would mean risking more money and taking the total staked to over 80 points On the last bet, the service advised placing a cover bet on an Asian Handicap. Luckily this bet won and a profit was achieved, BUT just think about that for a moment, 80 POINTS when trying to win 1.

This is the sort of thing I was concerned about when I mentioned in the Introductory Post about the dangers of loss recovery with laying systems and when I said about the previous high of 6 points being “Not too bad.”

So far we have made 11 points profit after commission. I can’t imagine the mess I would have made had I actually been placing the almost £700 LAY bet on a heavily odds on favourite, to end up with the princely sum of £10 profit.