The new month sees the start of a new trial. It has a name strikingly similar to an ongoing one but they are entirely unrelated. This one is from the Pro Betting Club.

FOOTBALL KING is a laying service targetting odds on favourites. From previous results, it looks to be quite a busy service that you will need to follow carefully.

Selections are posted to a website, rather than being emailed to you, and a running spreadsheet is updated throughout the day. As there is a loss recovery element to the staking, you need to know the result of the previous bet before placing the next. They claim average winnings of 13.5 points per month, based on the 5 months it has been running.

Although I am starting the trial from today, I have had access to their selections over the weekend and can say there were 4 bets both Saturday and Sunday, they did find some winning bets and are currently awaiting the next. Lay Betting (especially with loss recovery) can be very tricky to pull off, so let’s hope they can make a good start.

A betting bank of 150 points is advised, so I’ll be using £1,500 to allow our usual £10 bets.

Subscription price is £39.50 a month, or £89.50 per quarter

You can sign up for FOOTBALL KING here