There were no bets midweek due to European competitions

Bank  £1076

Sunderland v Portsmouth  Lost  -£48

Torino v Palermo   Won +£9.50

Catania v Cagliari   Lost  -£58

Deportivo v Espanol Won  +£9.50

Numancia v Real Betis  Won +£9.50

P.S.G. v Lille            Won   +£9.50

Current Bank £1008

I think I may be being a bit too picky with the leagues I apply this system to. As the bank is now nearly back to it’s starting position, I will start checking all league games available against the selection criteria. It may be that we have more chances in other leagues as one of the criteria seems to work against some leagues. I have not even come close to getting a match in Germany where as Portugal and maybe Holland look a little more likely, so if it’s a league game I’ll have a look from now on.