Final Review

I will give the figures recorded since I restarted the test on 9/11/08

Number of bets places  78

Winning Lays               71

Losing Lays                 7

Strike Rate 91%

Profit Made £330.35

Football Laying code is the first laying system targeting the “First Goal Time” market that I have come across. In the first few weeks of the test period I decided to only check the major european leagues for qualifying games. I soon realised that this was not going to be a profitable way of running this system, so I restarted in early November and made a point of checking each and every league game against the systems rules. This proved to be a much better way as I have had quite a few winning bets in countries like Poland, Turkey and Greece as well as the more well known leagues.

The e-book is well written and the system itself only has 3 very simple rules to abide by. There is no advice given in the book as to when to check criteria and place bets but when I emailed the author he sent a prompt and polite reply saying to leave bets until near kick off time. I made a point of doing all my checks 30 minutes before kick off in order to allow plenty of time in busy periods with several games kicking off at the same time. The only slight sticking point I had was that the First Goal market tends to be low on liquidity and is usually hovering around the maximum odds acceptable (7.00). The vast majority of bets placed are matched at 6.4-7.0, so with a strike rate of around 91% this does look like a fairly decent longterm system.

There are 2 staking plans included with the e-book, a standard 1% level stake plan and a loss recovery plan. I am not keen on the loss recovery plan as you can only use it if you place 1 bet at a time and await the outcome of that bet before calculating the next stake. The problem here is that football matches, unlike horse races, tend to happen at the same time (or very close together) and with a system that has relatively few bets a week it would be unwise to ignore qualifying matches. If 3 games kicking off at the same time all qualify, which do you choose? I decided to use a simple 1% of bank level stake only recalculating when the bank increased by £100.

As all 3 rules revolve around the odds available at the time of checking it is probable that other people may well have different figures to mine. I know for a fact that games drift in and out of qualification as the kick-off time approaches and obviously I will have missed out on some winning bets, some losing bets and I will have included some bets that had moved outside of the rules by the time they kicked off. I think that by sticking to a hard and fast rule of a 30 minutes cut-off time (no matter how many games are due to start) I have been able to get a clear idea of how this system will perform and I must admit that I am pretty impressed with it.

As stated above, all 3 rules are very easy to understand and no knowledge of or interest in football is required. You simply look down the “in-play” coupon and then make a few quick checks of the odds being offered.

I am happy to give this system the thumbs up and do plan to use it myself in the future.

You can get Football Laying Code here: