Hi Guys

Liam Moroney back again with a new football system to review. I will be giving this one a proper month long test as it is something a little different from the recent batch of re-hashes and clones that always flood the market at the start of the football season.
What we have here is a lay system targeted at the first goal time market. There are 3 simple criteria used to identify selections. The manual says that the system can be used on “most leagues” so I intend to target the main european leagues (England, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Germany and France) and avoid Scandinavia as I personally have a lousy record when venturing too far north.

The maximum price allowed is 7.0 (6/1) and two staking plans are provided. The first is a simple 1% of bank level stakes and the second includes a loss recovery element. For the test I will be using levels stakes and a notional £1000 starting bank. I will stick to £10 a lay until the bank increases to £1100 and then up it to £11 and so on if required during the test period. I only checked England and Italy while I was getting to grips with the rules but it has made a good start.

Starting Bank £1000

Sunderland v Newcastle   +£9.50

Reggina v Lecce    +£9.50

Cagliari v Chievo    +£9.50

Current Bank £1028.50

To protect the system I wont give away which time period is layed, but will record the price layed when a loss occurs.